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Dire Straits-Dortmund - 1991-09-23

"Downloads funciando perfeitamente"
("Downloads are working perfectly")

Um show fantástico em Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany- 23rd September 1991.

Grandes versões, exatamente um mês que a On every Street World Tour havia iniciado!

Fairly good sounding recording but has some crackles. Exactly one month after the On every street world tour began in Dublin. Includes nice versions of Planet of New Orleans and a lovely Tunnel of love. Interesting to note that they had not yet linked together Heavy fuel and Romeo and Juliet on this part of the tour. also interesting to hear that Romeo and Juliet is played with Mark Knopfler's solo at the end instead of Paul Franklin. Complete concert.

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Brunno Nunes

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pro dire disse...

i like your job about dire straitsb very i'd like to know password of "Dire Straits-Dortmund - 1991-09-23" for enjoy.... i can post you brunno others sultans of swing track you don't have!!! ciao nicola from Italy....

Macrik disse...

Hello Brunno.
Thank you for your job about DS and MK. Fantastisco. Like Nicola, i would like to know the password of the dortmund show. What have I to do for that ? Thank you so much.
Eric from France.

Angel Of Mercy disse...

Thank you for the words, I am happy that you liked the blog!

Password of this Bootlegs, write to>>


Brunno Nunes.

Angel Of Mercy disse...

Dear visitors, I suggest you read the Announcement to understand my reasons>>

Thank you so much.

Brunno Nunes.

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