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Dire Straits and Pete Townshend

Uma bomba para voçês!!!!!!!! =)


ITV, UK, October 1985

Additional comments:DVD-Video featuring Pete Townshend in the South Bank Show Documentary, broadcasted in October 1985. Taken from master VHS tape, very good picture and sound quality. Interviews are by Melvyn Bragg. Pete Townshend is promoting the White City album but this documentary also features a demonstration by Pete of how he records at home (That's Alright Mamma and After The Fire). Also seen is Pete Townshend rehearsing with Dire Straits. They go through the song Going Home shortly in the dressing room (?) and rehearsing on stage. Very nice footage, including images of Prince Charles and Princess Diana shaking hands with the musicians before the Prince's Trust Rock Gala 1985. I think the rehearsals with Pete and Dire Straits were recorded the day of the concert, which has been on 4th July 1985. There is also a complete audience recording availble of that show:

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Dire Straits

Dire Straits
A voz e a guitarra do Dire Straits ao vivo em Cologne, 1979