quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2007

New Mark Knopfler - "Punish The Monkey" and "True Love Will Never Fade"

A aqui vocês podem ouvir essas duas música do novo álbum de Mark Knopfler>>



Between Peter Gabriel's shocking ways and fellow fifty-something Englishman Mark Knopfler forthcoming monkey business, we're starting to pity our poor primate friends. Mark works his smooth baritone storytelling and slinky guitar on "Punish The Monkey" and "True Love Will Never Fade," the US and UK singles from his fifth solo album Kill To Get Crimson. Both have a slight island (and oddly Disney) feel, well-written characters, and should equally please our parents, so we're curious why the US of A scores a monkey and his, well, organ grinder while Knopfler's fellow Brits get a sexy tattooing love story…

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