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Devido ao fato desse espaço ter sido bastante visitado por europeus, venho recebendo muitos elogios, não apenas do Brasil. No entanto, como não tenho o domínio perfeito da língua inglesa, não ouso a escrever em inglês aqui. Portanto, vez por outra, pegarei carona em informações de sites internacionais.
Contudo, essas informações são do maravilhoso site>> http://www.mark-knopfler.info/

O bom é que além de passar informações sobre nossa querida banda("Dire Straits" e "Mark Knopfler"), é uma forma de divulgar sites muito legais e facilitar a vida de visitantes de outros países. =D

Espero que sirva para todos! ^^

The section is dedicated to songs which are not included in main Mark’s releases. Some songs were released as b-sides or were included in compilation albums, some of them were never released and available as live or demo versions. We hope that it helps you to find outstanding information.


Summer Of Love. B-side from 'Boom Like That' single.

Small Potatoes. B-side from 'Why Aye Man' maxi-single.

Do America. The song was written by Mark during ‘On Location tour’ in 1981 and was finished in 1999.
Available on ‘Sailing To Philadelphia’ (UK & US versions only) and as b-side on ‘Silvertown Blues’ single.

The Long Highway. The song was recorded as demo version in 1991 and was performed live by Dire
Straits. This song was finished in 1999 and was released as b-side from ‘What It Is’ single.

Let's See You. B-side from ‘What It Is’ maxi-single.

Camerado. B-side from ‘What It Is’ maxi single.

My Claim To Fame. B-side from ‘Darling Pretty’ and ‘Rudiger’ maxi-singles.

Gravy Train. B-side from ‘Darling Pretty’ and ‘Rudiger’ maxi-singles. Also the track is available on ‘America’s Sweethearts’ soundtrack.

Tall Order Baby. B-side from ‘Cannibals’ and ‘Rudiger’ maxi-singles.

What Have I Got To Do. B-side from ‘Cannibals’ and ‘Rudiger’ maxi-singles.

Millionaire Blues. B-side from ‘Calling Elvis’ single.

Kingdome Come. B-side from ‘Heavy Fuel’ single.

Lonesome Wind Blues. B-side from ‘You Own Sweet Way’ single.

Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-shirts. B-side from ‘Private Investigations’ and 'You And Your Friend'

singles. Also this song was available as bonus track on 'Twisting By The Pool EP'.

Eastbound Train. The song was performed live only and was released as b-side on ‘Sultans Of Swing’ single.

Performed live only

Pyroman was performed live by Mark during “Sailing To Philadelphia’ tour in 2001. Guy Fletcher informed fans that Mark was not going to record this song at studio.

Two Skinny Kids was performed live by Mark during 'Master Session' in Nashville in 1998. Later Mark
never performed this song.

It's Been A While is second rare songfrom 'Master Session' in Nashville.

Real Girl was performed during 1978.

In My Car was performed during 1979.

Me and My Friends (Move It Away) was performed live during 1978.

Demo records

Secondary Waltz was written in 1976 before Dire Straits era. Mark came back to this song in 1995 and recorded a demo for Golden Heart album. In result, the song is not finished yet.

No Wonder He's Confused was record as demo for Golden Heart album.

Making Movies is unreleased song for the ‘Making Movies’ album.

Suicide Towers is second unreleased song for the ‘Making Movies’.

Summer's Coming My Way. Perhaps, it is first record by Mark. The track was recorded at studio in London.

Other songs

Lilly Of The West. Traditional song was planned by Mark for ‘Golden Heart’ album. Finally, this song was recorded by Chieftains band with Mark’s contribution on vocal and guitar for ‘The Long Black Veil’ album (1995).

I Think I Love You Too Much. This rare song is tributed to Mark’s sons, twin boys, Benji and Joseph. First time Mark perform ed this song at Knewborth Festival in 1990 (now this concert is available on DVD-Video). The album version was recorded by Jeff Healy with Mark’ contribution on guitar.
The Other Side Of The Moon. The song was recorded by Mark and Guy Fletcher with Jane Horrocks and Mikey Graham on vocals for the 'Robbie the Reindeer in Hooves of Fire' soundtrack (1989).

Overnight Sensation. This song was written specially by Mark for Tina Turner (1996)

Two Brothers and a Stranger. This instrumental theme was recorded for ‘Color of Money’ soundtrack (1986).

Private Dancer. This song was written for album ‘Love Over Gold’. An instrumental part was recorded by the Dire Straits. But Mark did not put a vocal on this track. Later in 1984 this song was chosen as the title track for Tina Turner’s solo album (1984).

Chilly Wind. The song was recorded by Mark with Sue Hercombe at Radio BBC Newcastle in 1966 or 1967. The record was found by NRK TV personnel and broadcasted during interview with Mark in 2002

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