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Novidades !^^

Mark Knopfler - We Can Get Wild (New Album)Podem babar, pq essa música é muito lindaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

True Love Will Never Fade - Mark Knopfler (New Single)

Local Hero Montserrat- 1997
Muito raro (Very rare)

Aqui é perfeito, é a praia dele ^^
Retirado do dvd Tribute os the King> Oct 8, 2005

Scotty Moore was in the delivery room when Rock & Roll was born, kicking and howling in the Tennessee night. On July 5, 1954, guitarist Scotty Moore, bass player Bill Black and a young man from Tupelo, Mississippi, by the name of Elvis Aaron Presley recorded “That’s All Right” at the Memphis Recording Service – and the world was never to be the same again. Now, in another music city’s most celebrated studio, Moore and a clutch of Rock & Roll’s most famous sons pay tribute to that young man and the music he brought to live.

Mama, it certainly is all right.

”This introduction of this DVD says it all, but let’s take a closer look and decide if the tribute is as right as the words above.


The design of the DVD is good, the standard DVD box is in a slip case, but unfortunately it is missing a booklet with more background information on the performers… not that it is necessary for all of them.The DVD itself is perfect. Well designed menus, transitions and options like DTS, Dolby Digital, subtitles in several languages (and region 0) makes this (finally) an Elvis related product for which was taken care of business.


Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings as backbone for most of the show we knew beforehand that fine musicians were present to be a good base. Nevertheless we had to wait how the finishing touch would be, since in a lot of tribute shows that is just not it (e.g. “A Tribute To Leiber And Stoller”). No need to worry this time!

From fine vocalists like Paul Ansell and Mike Sanchez, through artists that gained their own merits, such as Albert Lee and Steve Gibbons to legends as Clapton and
Mark Knopfler… they all payed tribute in their own, honest way. To our shame we have to admit that we never heard of one Martin Taylor, but after googling him we soon found out that he won nearly continuously the British jazz award for best guitarist since 1985. After listening this DVD we know why, and also why there were no vocalists on his contributions… they must have been speechless.

Scotty Moore & Mark Knopfler - Blue Moon of Kentucky

Scotty Moore & Mark Knopfler - Baby let's play house

Mark Knopfler Jamming With Jeff Baxter
Esse eu nem sabia da existência, certamente é muito raro.
Dever ser entre 90 e 91!
Apreciem! ^^

Mark Knopfler & Randy Newman - Money That Matters Wogan Show
Outra registro bastante raro! ^^

Randy Newman, Mark Knopfler & All Stars 'Falling In Love'

Randy Newman & Mark Knopfler - Money that Matters

Eric Clapton Mark Knopfler - Crossroads (Live at Crossroads)

eric clapton feat. mark knopfler, lay down sally

Dire Straits Once Upon A Time in the West- BBC Arena
Incrível, uma versão agressíva! oO

Dire Straits Down to the Waterline- BBC Arena

Dire Straits Where Do You Think You're Going- BBC Arena

Dire Straits Sultans of Swing- BBC Arena

Dire Straits Making Movies Sessions, Solid Rock live 79-BBC Arena

Dire Straits - Making Movies Special-BBC Arana

Cenas do documentário BBC Arena 80.
O Dire Straits em estúdio em NEW York, 1980, para a Making Movies Sessions, gravando Solid Rock.
Solid Rock ao vivo em Rainbow Theatre 20 Dezembro de 1979 A última performance ao vivo de David Knopfler no Dire Straits, dia do meu aniversário! =D
Um registro incrível, para verdadeiros fãs, apreciem!!!!!!!! ^^

Dire Straits, Communiquê sessions 1979

Cenas raras, o Dire Straits em Los Angeles, USA, 28th March 1979, no Warner Studios em Los Angeles, para Communiqué sessions!
Eles andnado em plena rua em Los Angeles, dando autografos, isso é d++++++!!!!!! =D

Dire Straits- Lady Writer Rockpalast 79

Single Handed Sailor Dire Straits Rockpalast 79

Um banho de Feeling.
Esse cara não é só um Deus da guitarra, é um grande compositor!
Vejam que espontaneidade, o rock inteligente e sem frescura, isso é Dire Straits ( "Formação original" 77/79) Essa aqui vai para Lady Andrea Barone! =D

Por hoje chega! ^^

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Dire Straits

Dire Straits
A voz e a guitarra do Dire Straits ao vivo em Cologne, 1979