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Mark Knopfler - Live In Detroit (4th May 2001)

1. Calling Elvis
2. Walk of life
3. Intro
4. Who's your baby now
5. Rüdiger
6. Intro
7. What it is
8. Sailing to Philadelphia
9. Romeo and Juliet
10. Sultans of swing

1. Band introduction
2. Done with Bonaparte
3. Prairie wedding
4. Junkie doll
5. Baloney again
6. Pyroman
7. Telegraph road
8. Speedway at Nazareth
9. Money for nothing
10. Audience
11. So far away

Fox Theater, Detroit, USA, 4th May 2001

Um grande Bootleg, excelente peformace da banda.
Essa turnê tem um clima muito Blues com relação a outras turnês a meu ver, é minha turnê predileta da carreira solo de Mark Knopfler.

Apreciem!!! ^^
Brunno Nunes.

Additional comments:
Very good audience recording, including a funny Mark Knopfler who was in a good mood and was talking quit a lot at some points. Great version of Baloney Again, Speedway at Nazareth, and So far Away. I still think it's a strange way to finish a concert with this song, but to me it's always great so hear this one from 1985. One of the best recordings so far, a must to have. Complete setlist. Available on two CD-R's.

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