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Tracks CD 1

Ride across the river
Expresso love
One world
Romeo and Juliet
Private investigations
Sultans of swing
Why worry [A]
Walk of life
Two young lovers

Tracks CD 2

Money for nothing
Wild west end [A]
Tunnel of love
Brothers in arms
Solid rock
Going home
[A] guest player Branford Marsalis

Esse bootleg é mostra justamente o auge do Dire Straits.
Gravado em Radio City Music Hall, New York, USA

Date 3rd October 1985.
Durante a BIA Tour, o Dire Straits fez um grande turnê em USA, foram três meses de agosto a outubro. Então dia 03 desse mês, completou-se 23 anos desse magnifico show, que teve participação especial de Branford Marsalis em Why worry e Wild west end.

Essa foi a turnê do Dire Straits com maior número de convidados especiais.

Espero que gostem e apreciem mais um registro especial, disponível só aqui no Blog! ^^

Additional comments Pretty nice sound quality. Complete concert including a 20 minute version of Tunnel of love and guest player Branford Marsalis on Why worry and Wild west end.

Brunno Nunes.

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Big Steve disse...

This is fantastic. Thank you very much for all of the uploads - I'm very grateful. However, there is no link for CD2 of the New York show! Please can you fix it?

Many regards,

Angel Of Mercy disse...

Glad you've liked for my uploads, Steve. =)
I hope he was enjoying this stuff!

Here is my collection>> http://rapidshare.com/files/156458065/Acervo_Brunno_Nunes__Dire_Straits_Bootlegs_e_DVDS_Atualizado-Collections_Brunno_Nunes__Dire_Straits_.html

See you soon!

Big Steve disse...

Yes - I think there are a lot of people that are very grateful to you for making these shows available, and it's nice to hear your own ideas about the various times that Dire Straits went through. Please keep them coming often - it helps me to get through the endless hours every day at work!

Dire Straits

Dire Straits
A voz e a guitarra do Dire Straits ao vivo em Cologne, 1979