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[DOWN]- Concerto dos Straits R.A.H.- 22-04-11


1 - Private Investigations
2 - Walk of Life
3 - Telegraph Road
4 - Alan Clark introduces the band
5 - Romeo & Juliet
6 - Tunnel of Love
7 - Your Latest Trick
8 - Brothers in Arms
9 - Two Young Lovers
10 - Sultans of Swing
11 - Money for Nothing
12 - Going Home

Line up:

Alan Clark - Keys
Mick Feat - Bass
Steve Ferrone - Drums
Phil Palmer - Guitar
Terrence Reis - Lead vocals and guitar
Jamie Squire - Keys, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
Chris White - Saxaphone, percussion, backing vocals


This is the debut public performance by The Straits, an incarnation of Dire Straits formed by former members of the band. The line up lacks Mark Knopfler, who has made it quite clear he has no interest in reforming Dire Straits who embarked on their final tour in 1991 (20 years ago).

The Straits played two warm up gigs on the 18th and 20th May at Under the Bridge, Chelsea, however these were by invite only and were shorter sets than the full RAH set presented here. However, the excitement and energy was a common theme in all shows, and you can hear it in this recording.

I recorded this set myself and it is not without its' shortcomings. I go to gigs to enjoy them, hence you may hear some fabric noise in between tunes as I moved around. You'll also hear some pretty close range clapping, Sultans suffers most from this as the whole hall was up on their feet!

A great show - even though Knopfler is sadly lacking, the band do a great job and inject an energy into his songs which has been lacking in his solo tours. I wish the Straits all the very best and I hope you enjoy this show as much as I did.

Por fim, aqui está um extra, o concerto de Eric Clapton realizado um dia antes, dia (21-04-11) no Royal Albert Hall.


Brunno Nunes.

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